gday. made this website in appreciation 'for our elders' during and beyond NAIDOC week

Then it seemed like a good idea to broaden appreciation of any 'tribe' any Elder and celebrate their bravery and insight with some words and links

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:: Elder wisdom ::

:: Nuclear waste dumping facility proposal stopped near Kimba Barngarla lands South Australia. Would much rather visit a nuclear waste free Kimba. Gratitude!
update 17NOV2023 Barngarla Determination Aboriginal Corporation recieved an honarary award for the win (that really is for everyone!)

:: Standing up for cultural rights against a coal mine company who's business activity could damage sacred irreplacable springs providing important life giving resources = shelter and fresh water. Endure!

:: Dadirri words cannot thank enough

:: tikanga sharing lore to heal and grow

:: collective wisdom An Open Letter from Australian Scientists and Experts - No New Fossil Fuel Projects

:: a Most awesome Brazilian Indigenous Chief demands greater role in climate debate, addressing COP28 United Nations Climate Change Conference


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:: credit for 2023 poster and poster gallery from the NAIDOC week of previous years since 1972

:: article on NAIDOC week

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